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Alexandra Arrivillaga

Hobbies & Interests

About Alexandra

With two offices located in Boston and a recently opened location in Framingham, Mass., Alexandra Arrivillaga is the Founder and CEO of Owl Management Consulting. Alexandra is a consummate communications expert and brings years of experience as the Founder and CEO of a successful Telecommunications company to her role at Owl Management Consulting. Founded in 2015, Owl Management Consulting offers top tier management solutions for Organizational Change and Customer Relationships as well as Business Process Services.

In 2016, Alexandra Arrivillaga partnered with Junior Olympic Champion, Ben Saunders, to open a second consultant company named Solutions to Complex Problems.


Since Alexandra was a child, she knew that education was an important tool in personal and professional development. Because of this, Alexandra has actively pursued higher education throughout her adult life. In 2005,  Alexandra Arrivillaga received her Bachelor’s of Science from Lesley University in Cambridge where she majored in Business Management. Immediately following this, she earned her Master’s in Management from Cambridge University while maintaining a full-time job and full-time student status. Since then, Alexandra Arrivillaga has completed coursework at Concord Law School and Capella University PhD program. Alexandra is currently pursuing her PhD at North Central University.

Business and Politics in Her Blood

Alexandra Arrivillaga was born in Boston, MA and is of Colombian heritage. Alexandra is a Bostonian to the core though she certainly embraces her traditional latin heritage. The entrepreneurial spirit runs through Alexandra’s veins, and she was born with a preternatural knack for business. Alexandra’s father, grandfather and uncles all ran small businesses and although most of the women in her family didn’t own their own businesses, they maintained strong entrepreneurial skill sets by working for the family. Alexandra’s great grandfather, Diego A De Castro, was the first governor in the department of Atlantico.

Business ownership was all around Alexandra during childhood, and she loved watching how her family members would problem solve and get such gratification out of their hard work. So perhaps the seed of her first business was planted long before she came up with the idea for Lock it Up, LLC in 2007.

Lock It Up, LLC

After Alexandra completed her Master’s in Management, she became very interested in learning more about self-starting entrepreneurs. She found that the common thread in a lot of these cases that she read about was that these entrepreneurs were described as noticing a need in their immediate surroundings (either at work or at home), then coming up with solutions accordingly. Lock it Up, LLC was an idea that Alexandra Arrivillaga developed out of her basement. She lived near the entrance to her building, and the noise generated from opening the gate, unlocking the chain and the metal door slamming behind anyone who entered was at times deafening. This observation quickly grew into a business plan for creative and quieter solutions to security systems. In addition to creating quiet security systems, Alexandra looked for untapped markets, in this case mom and pop shops in neighborhoods that were often overlooked by larger security companies. This helped get Alexandra’s foot in the door and pretty soon she was drafting deals with Fortune 500 companies like Wal-Mart and Pandora. As the business grew, Alexandra made sure that certain core qualities stayed the same, though. Alexandra only hired people that she trusted both as individuals and as workers, she demanded that subcontractors work cleanly and efficiently cleaning up after their jobs, and that she treat workers equitably by guaranteeing a certain amount of work. The practical yet imaginative conduct of Alexandra Arrivillaga backed by the high caliber quality of service from Lock it Up, LLC captured a loyal and vocal client base that encouraged a constant increase in contracts. Alexandra credits referrals as one of the company’s biggest sources of new business. In 2015, Alexandra sold Lock it Up, LLC for an undisclosed amount so she could commit all of her attention to developing her new venture, Owl Management Consulting.

In 2016, Alexandra Arrivillaga partnered with Junior Olympic Ski Champion, Ben Saunders, to open a second consultant company named Proplex 5, LLC. Within that same year, Alexandra and her business partner created a software company – Social Biz, LLC.

Alexandra enjoys living in Boston, meeting new people, traveling and volunteering.  Alexandra has visited over 20 countries, and can’t wait to see more.