Tips to Planning a Valentine’s Day Getaway in Boston, Massachusetts

Boston, Massachusetts is a lovely New England metropolis that has a lot to offer residents and visitors. If you’re planning an intimate Valentine’s Day getaway in the Northeastern region of the United States, few destinations can rival Beantown in any way. There are so many terrific options available to couples who want to enjoy travel experiences that are full of romance.


If you’re looking for the quintessential romantic getaway, you need to make the right accommodations a priority. There are quite a few romantic lodging options in the city. There are historic bed and breakfasts that are chock-full of romantic appeal, first and foremost. There are also numerous high-end hotels that offer a lot in the way of romance. It doesn’t matter if you’re interested in quaint charm or in deluxe experiences. The city has no shortage of lodging options that are perfect for couples. Think about reserving a room at The Elliot Hotel or Taj Boston in the Back Bay. Clarenton Square Bed and Breakfast makes for another wonderfully romantic option.


Travel is all about checking out new sights and sounds. It’s all about exploring the best local cuisines as well. If you want your romantic getaway to be a success, you need to find all of the finest dining options available. If you want to relish a classic Italian meal as a twosome, you should think about planning a meal at Mamma Mia. This dining establishment is full of sophistication. It has a timeless Italian feel that can do wonders for your spirits as well.

Set the moosd
There are quite a few generally romantic settings in the city. Examples are the North End and the Charles River. If you want to spend quality time together, few things can top scenic Charles River walks. The Charles River makes a wondrous place for hand holding.
Pack your bags and use these tips to plan your romantic Valentine’s Day getaway and enjoy!

FUN-draising Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is widely recognized as a day to shower our loved ones with gifts and roses. But what about those in need? What about those who we don’t know and still need to be showered with our affection? Below you will find some simple and feasible ways to have fun while still raising funds to donate to the charity of your choice on Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s day soiree
This event will require a venue and entertainment but you can also charge admissions and inform guests that all proceeds will be allocated to the charity of your choosing.

Love wall
For a very affordable fee, people can pay to post their deepest and fondest thoughts of their loved ones to be shared for everyone to see. You can post images of this love on any of your social media platforms and donate the proceeds to your favorite charity.

Bake for goodness sake
There are a plethora of recipes for valentine’s day themed cupcakes, cookies, and muffins all over the internet. This is perfect opportunity to sell baked goods in your community, place of employment, or school to raise funds for a charitable cause. Dive into Pinterest and get to baking!

Secret admirers for sale
Yes, there will be many couples celebrating Valentine’s Day, but there will also be many singles too shy to reach out to the right one as well. Organize a secret admirer card courier event (for an affordable fee, of course) and use the funds to assist a charity you hold near and dear to your heart.

These are just a few of the ideas that came to mind. Feel free to reach out to me and share your Valentine’s Day FUN-draiser ideas!

Thanks for reading!
Alexandra Arriviagalla