Offering escape from the responsibilities of home and work, travel can transport people to relaxing and pleasant areas. But, what is often not relaxing are the trips to and from these areas. Flying, for instance, can be both expensive and stressful, especially if the plane is not on time or overbooked, or if passengers must transfer upon arrival at the airport along the way. Traveling by car can be stressful, too, if there is heavy traffic, or if motels have no vacancies. The oldest method, train travel is the least stressful and most pleasurable. Here are five reasons for taking trips in trains:

  1. Train Fares Are Economical and Stable

Train fares usually remain the same on a particular route regardless of the season. Even if the tickets are purchased at the last minute, train fares do not fluctuate in price as airfares often do. If they travel by train, vacationers can be spontaneous and not worry about planning months ahead of a trip. Another benefit to train fares is that Amtrak offers discounts to seniors, children, students, military personnel and AAA members, among others. A train trip at night can also save passengers the cost of motels.


  1. Riding in a Train Transports People in Different Ways

For many travelers, not only does a train ride include scenic views, such as the route that follows the course of the Colorado River, but traveling by train may recall old adventure movies and exciting scenes. Frequently, too, there is friendly interaction among passengers. On a trip to Washington, D.C., for instance, teens from Georgia went to a car where they could play cards with others their age from another state. After exchanging ideas and experiences, the teens who expanded their cultural horizons joined one another in the dining car.


  1. Passengers Can Bring More Baggage than is Permitted on Airplanes

Charging no fees, Amtrak allows passengers to bring as much 200 pounds of luggage plus personal items while most airlines have charges for additional bags.


  1. Taking a Train is Less Stressful than Other Modes of Travel

Train passengers need not arrive hours ahead of schedule or have personal items pass through inspection. They can arrive 30 minutes before departure and walk straight onto their platform. When they reach their destination cities, the train terminal, unlike an airport, is close to hotels and places of interest.


  1. Train Travel Is Better for the Environment

According to research that analyzed European train data, passengers who ride the rails help to lower carbon emissions by not driving a car or flying in a jet.