The best way to get a detailed look at Greek culture and history is to stroll around Athens, the country’s capital, which offers an unrivaled perspective of the city’s most breathtaking and fascinating landmarks.

Aeropagitou Street

Aeropagitou Street is one of the city’s most popular walking routes because of the picturesque experience and a setting that blends the city’s past and present. The street’s full name, Dionysiou Aeropagitou, is frequently referred to as Athens’ most beautiful street. It begins at Vasilisis Amalias Av., where the statue of General Makrygiannis is located, and ends at the foot of Philopappos Hill before turning into Apostolou Pavlou street, heading toward the Thiseio neighborhood. Accessibility is one of the reasons for its popularity. Stop at the Acropolis Metro Station and use the exit to the paved road leading to Areopagitou. 

Both the Acropolis Museum and the Parthenon are well worth a visit. The Acropolis Museum is located just across from the ancient rock. Among its collections are priceless artifacts discovered during excavations conducted under the ancient structures. Consequently, a walking tour guided by an informed guide will highlight key events in Greek history connected to the old capital, which will be a delight for history fans everywhere. The museum also has a fantastic restaurant that serves terrific meals that take traditional Greek cuisine and modernize it.

Beautiful neoclassical structures and antebellum homes line the roadway, creating a picture-postcard scene. The church of Saint Sophia, which you will see adjacent to the houses, was constructed in 1919. The street became pedestrian-only in 2003 and is named after Dionysios Aeropagitis, the first Athenian to convert to Christianity due to the apostle Paul’s religious lecture.

As you travel to Thiseio, keep an eye out for a variety of coffee shops and neighborhood taverns where you can stop for an energy boost. These include the Ancient Agora, Areopagus, Pnyx, and the Sanctuary of Pan.

Philopappos Hill 

Philopappos Hill provides a magnificent and unique landscape that gives an unrivaled perspective over Athens. Philopappos Hill is located at the end of Dionysios Areopagitou, this famous Athens street, on the left-hand side. 

The lush greenery makes it the ideal place to escape the summer heat, and the lovely walkways make your Athens excursions seem like they are taking place in a fantasy. The renowned Agios Dimitrios of Lombardiari chapel is located close to the entrance. Following one of the numerous paved routes from there, you may continue on one of your Athens walking tours to reach the renowned hill of Pnyx, where you can take in the spectacular panorama that unfolds before you.