The Pandemic has kept many people inside due to stay-at-home orders. Along with this, large public gatherings were banned and postponed. 2020 has been a year of people trying to keep themselves occupied with the various resources they have at their disposal. However, with the vaccine distribution becoming increasingly more widespread, cities are planning to resume activities and open up more public areas. Boston specifically is planning to embrace normalcy with open arms this spring. Let’s take a look below at some of the most fun activities to participate in if you are going to be in Boston this spring. 

Greater Boston

If you are interested in history, one of the most important activities you can participate in is taking a walk through Boston’s Black Heritage trail. This 1.6-mile trail takes you through the Beacon Hill neighborhood and features more than 15 pre-civil war structures that tell the story of Black history in Boston. Next, sports lovers will definitely get a kick out of attending a Red Sox game. Taking place in Fenway Park, this is actually America’s oldest major league baseball stadium. 

South of Boston

One activity that is great for all ages and groups of people is visiting the zoo! This spring, the Buttonwood Park Zoo is welcoming an additional three species of animals to keep the family growing. Come see some Panamanian golden frogs, southern screamers, and Ma’s night monkeys. Moving on to something that is a bit more calming, Boston is known for its scenic bodies of water. The Scituate Light, built-in 1810, offers very instagrammable shots at Cedar Point. 

North of Boston

For those who are lovers of history, the North of Boston is going to feel like a dream. This specific area has a multitude of historic landmarks and sites that are famously known around the world. For example, Salem, the site of the Salem Witch trials, is open to the public for visitation. There you can go on a scavenger hunt at the House of the Seven Gables and see other areas where the actual witch trials were held. Poetry fans can also find themselves at the Walden Pond, made famous by Henry David Thoreau’s “Walden.” Lastly, even though there are many other fantastic locations, you do not want to miss taking a selfie at Motif No. 1. This legendary red fishing shack is known to be the most painted building in the world, set on Bearskin Neck.