While traveling might be out of the realm for quite some time, it’s easy to bring the taste of foreign places into your very own home. For many who have traveled to Columbia, they know that they have some of the best dishes. But these are some of the top five.

Bandeja Paisa 

While it is a complete dish, it consists of a lot of different foods. You can find this dish in many traditional Columbian restaurants that have come to the states, but it takes just the right touch to get it. Bandeja Paisa is served on a platter and usually has rice, beans, and arepa. This dish is enormous, so make sure that you have an appetite. Paisa is the word for a person from the Paisa region of Columbia, whereas the word bandeja means platter. This dish was derived from a confluence of cultures that have influenced cuisine from all over Columbia. 

Sopa De Mondongo 

This popular soup is a must-have. Typical to other soup made in Latin America’s Spanish colonies, you might have been able to try this dish in other places. This soup is often made with diced tripe fish that has been slow-cooked along with vegetables such as onions, carrots, bell peppers, cabbage, celery, tomatoes, cilantro, garlic or other various root vegetables. When putting together, the soup flavors all compliment each other to create a delicious and flavorful soup. If you are not a fan of tripe, then you probably will not like this soup. 


This is one of the most popular foods in Columbia. A dish commonly served in restaurants, along with being commonly made at home. Arepas are made from corn maize flattened into a disk shape then grilled till cooked through. This gives the outside of the Arepas a crispy texture on the outside. There are many different kinds of Arepas, some are small while others can be massive. You can also find some that come with toppings like cheese, tomatoes, onions, the works. 


These are often everywhere when you go to large Columbian cities. These crispy wafer treats are often the snack of choice when church gets out on Sundays. Filled with your favorite toppings (there are often many to choose from), you can jam-pack your oblea with dolce de leche, crema, shredded cheese, jam, nuts, sprinkles, and even chocolate chips. 

Guava Paste or Bocadillo 

This is a widely popular dessert food that is perfect to have after dinner. This dish consists of 100% guava pulp that has been mixed with boiled down sugar to create a thick paste that can form a solid block. It’s super sweet but has an amazing guava flavor that is absolutely delicious.