Given the rapid expansion of digital marketing over the last decade, it should come as no surprise that experts are predicting huge shifts in its adoption patterns. The 2021 World Marketing Congress concluded with predictions for 2022, forecasting substantial changes to the way businesses operate.

Mobile Data Should Be Limited

Restrictive data allotments have constrained families for years, but experts predict that this artificial limitation will soon become obsolete. As data technology becomes more sophisticated, internet companies will differentiate bandwidth by the user. Essentially, your phone could have a different data limit than your computer. It would allow for many more options for large downloads or streaming and make any consumption virtually limitless.

This is just the beginning of mobile data consumption trends. As technology develops, users will have new ways of using their phones and other devices to access different kinds of information—and with better connectivity, there could be brand new applications as well.

Time Is Money

With more time spent in front of screens than ever before, experts expect that high speeds and unlimited data will be the norm. In 2022, there is an expectation that online transactions made in real-time. Consumers will no longer wait for their bank to clear a check or for stock prices to update—they’ll have real-time access. It means that consumers will be able to make decisions faster, more efficiently, and make more informed choices while they’re shopping.

Poor User-Experience Counts as A Red Flag

When it comes to digital marketing and advertising, poor user experience has long been a problem. But, with the continued development of new technologies and sophisticated advertising platforms, experts predict that the industry will begin to see a change.

Social Media Is Here to Stay

Digital marketing has seen tremendous growth over the last decade, and no one is expecting that trend to stop any time soon. However, some experts predict a slowdown in social media use.

Online Retailing Will See a Rise in ‘Experience Commerce’

With the growth of online shopping, experts predict that online retailers will begin shifting from traditional ads to more experiential offerings. The possibilities of new immersive technology can make online shopping feel more like a restaurant or even a movie. It should create more loyal customers and encourage repeat purchases.

Marketing Will Be More Targeted

With the way data is distributed becoming more granular, marketing campaigns will become more tailored to specific users and demographics. In addition, companies are also expecting a shift in marketing platforms to more automated processes, which will be more efficient.

Platforms Will All Be Connected

The Internet of Things is still in its early stages and has gaps in functionality. Experts predict this problem will be solved as the IoT expands and that devices will all have appropriate connections to the cloud.


Digital marketing trends have been changing rapidly over the last decade, and there is no indication that the industry will slow down any time soon. Experts predict that there will be even more changes in the next few years, especially since technology has just now begun to embrace the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence.