Fashion is one industry that is always evolving. Each year, new trends are introduced, and more are brought back from previous years. With the world becoming more integrated with tech and modernity, we can expect 2021 to have some incredibly riveting fashion trends. Let’s take a look at seventeen magazine’s forecasts for the ten best fashion trends of 2021. 

Number one is the crop top and cardigan sets. This trend is making a significant comeback on sites like urban outfitters. These sets are so versatile and can be dressed down or up. Pair with baggy jeans or a skater skirt for an authentic 90s look. Baguette bags or shoulder bags are making a comeback from the early 2000s. You can also pair these with casual or elegant wear. It’s the perfect accessory to add a chic look to any outfit. Abstract wave prints will be everywhere in 2021. Retro designs add a groovy flair to any look. 

While on the topic of prints, the yin-yang symbol is popping up again on clothing and accessories. This print has been perfect on two-piece sets, hair clips, and handbags. Add a pair of baggy jeans to your yin yang print garment for a perfect 90s edge. In terms of shoes, flatforms are going to be the way to go. They are excellent with loungewear and are super comfortable while also being extremely stylish. Also, practical outerwear is on the rise as well. Detachable jacket sleeves and vests pair exceptionally well with casual outfits and boots. Vests will continue to blow up in 2021 whether they are puffer, suit, utility, or sweater.

Elevated loungewear has been a shining star this year and will continue to be for next year. These two-piece sets are not only the comfiest for hanging around the house but also look fantastic when stepping out. Large frame glasses are coming back all the way from the 70s into the new era. They’re a great addition to any outfit, including beach and swimwear! Also, move over skinny jeans; slouchy dad jeans are taking the stage now. Women have even started to buy men’s jeans to ensure they achieve their desired baggy effect. This trend is here to stay for a while as more people are valuing comfort and style. Lastly, checkerboard print is returning with a vengeance. As seen on everything from vans to coats, this print will make its mark in 2021.