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Many of us made resolutions to make the best of the new year whether that means working out more, hanging out with friends more, or  traveling more, the goal is the same. Be happy. What better way to be happy and start off your new year than on a beach? Below you will find a list of some of the best beaches to visit this month!

The Gambia

The Gambia comes highly recommended for a fun and warm vacation spot for January. This enchanting beach is located on the along the shoreline of the West African coast and has highly enhanced lodging, not to mention an extremely agreeable climate.  With 9 hours of day by day daylight and an average of 87°F, The Gambia is a great place to celebrate the arrival of the new year.  

Cape Verde Islands

Although the Cape Verde Islands is a diverse archipelago between West Africa and South America, it is still accessible with flights leaving regularly from the US.  The average daily temperature for the Cape Verde Islands are around 75°F. Add that with their extraordinary beaches and great lodging quarters and you have a world-class vacation.


The interesting archipelago of Indonesia offers a portion of the world’s most lovely marine parks, alongside stunning sanctuaries, woodland and untamed life from Komodo monsters to Orangutans. If you’re searching for for winter sun, with sensational shorelines and entrancing culture, Bali is the destination for you.


If you are budget conscious like most us, you should look into Goa in India. In Goa you can get beautiful sunsets, 9 hours of every day daylight and 82ºF temperatures, white-sand beaches, and delicious food for prices that won’t bust your bank. As a vacationer in Goa you will also have the option to choose between a beachfront inn or rent a room from a local family.

St. Lucia

St Lucia has been described as one of the most friendly and picturesque islands of the Caribbean. The rich wide open scenery, volcanic crests and beguiling fishery towns will make you question whether or not you ever want to leave.