Because Massachusetts is a small state, it is easy to think that there are very few places to visit there for a summer vacation. This is not the case, as the state contains many interesting sites to see. One of the most well known is Cape Cod, home to Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket. While Cape Cod is beautiful by itself, and one of the best places in the United States to see whales (best seen between March and October), most people will recognize Martha’s Vineyard as one of the most stunning locations in the state, especially at sunset. The island of Nantucket is nearby as well, and features several museums, beaches, and is home to some of the highest home values in the nation.


For musicians traveling Massachusetts, the Berkshires is a must visit during the summer. The Boston Symphony Orchestra puts on summer performances at the Tanglewood Music Center. There are several music festivals held here as well. The Norman Rockwell Museum is located nearby, as are the Williamstown Theatre Festival and MASS MoCA. The Berkshires also offers hiking, fishing, and golfing for outdoor lovers. There are many historic sites to see as well. History buffs will enjoy visiting Hammond Castle in Gloucester. This museum houses the personal museum of American inventor John Hays Hammond Jr., who collected many of the artifacts (Roman, medieval, and Renaissance) himself.


For those more interested in American history, Minuteman National Historic Park, located between Lexington and Concord, is a must-see sight. Perhaps the most famous historic site in the state is Plimoth Plantation (actual spelling). Plimoth offers visitors a look at how the Pilgrims would have lived in 17th Century America. Notable sites at Plimoth Plantation include a reconstructed Wompanoag home and the Mayflower II (one of the world’s oldest wooden ships that still sails in Massachusetts) as well as several natural sites to visit. One of these is the Atlantic White Cedar Swamp Trail, which is a flat trail for beginners. As an added bonus, the trail is based around Cape Wellfleet, a former army base. Halibut Point State Park is also very stunning during the summer months. Located near Cape Cod, the once granite quarry is now home to amazing ocean views and tide pools filled with all kinds of animal life that will be a delight for nature lovers.


Massachusetts offers a variety of activities, including visiting Boston. There is always something going on throughout the year. However, summer is the best time to visit for the weather is pleasant and the scenery is in full bloom.