Now that travel bans have been lifted, it’s time to fill that bucket list with Spring destinations. Here are a few recommended places to visit worldwide.


Spain in the spring is picture-perfect, from the cobblestone alleyways of Toledo to the cathedral in Santiago, from the kitchens of San Sebastian to the vineyards of Jerez de la Frontera. The cities and towns are brimming with life as the past and present collide. The basic joys of life are reemerging in Spain in the spring. Every tourist is drawn in by the breathtaking scenery, which pours onto the streets and the cafés’ upscale environment and culinary and traditional fervor. Also, fewer visitors give way to a more genuine experience. 


Portugal’s springtime is delightful when the weather warms, the shoreline shines, and the country’s vineyards reappear with a friendly lushness. Portugal is vibrantly colored, highlighting the variety of fantasy castles, historic districts, and spectacular scenery from the Algarve to the interior plains. Portugal is home to the splendors of spring blooms, expansive stretches of golden sand along the Atlantic coast, and the straightforward pleasures of cafés with views of the cobblestoned streets in the main towns. To get a fresh perspective on the stunning fusion of culture, land, and sea, take in the architecture that tops the hills of Lisbon, explore the Roman remains that line the plazas of Evora, and admire the zellige tiles that line the streets.


Italy is a well-liked travel destination all year round, but the beauty of the countryside and cities is best experienced without the crowds often present in the summer. Italy is vibrant and alive, from the canals of Venice to the scenery stretching over Puglia’s southern plains, the vibrant flowering flowers that border vineyards, and the joys of regional cuisine and wine. Italy is one of the most incredible destinations in spring since it is full of history and offers a seemingly infinite array of activities, whether in mountain cities or on the Mediterranean coast.


Fewer visitors allow more accessibility to every aspect of the country’s well-known culture, as France bursts with color. It’s the ideal time to explore everything, from meandering around café patios to relaxing in a market that takes up a town square, browsing through the magnificent halls of the Louvre to discovering the intricate tastes of a sought vineyard. Every city and town in France oozes the typical French way of life as the weather warms, the cuisine and wine emphasize the changing seasons, and the local art depicts the pace of everyday living. From the Riviera to the Alps, France in spring exudes legendary flair, effortless grace, and the majesty of nature, from coffee and croissants to lily-clad gardens and ancient mythology.