The Baltic States refers to the regions in northern Europe that lie along the eastern coast of the Baltic Sea. The states include Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. If venturing to the area, there are many destinations worthy of a visit. Whether interested in seeing historic sites or spectacular scenery, guests are bound to find fascinating places.

Plan the Journey
Each state has a capital city where visitors find locations for eating and shopping along with entertainment venues. However, by venturing into the countryside, tourists have the opportunity to visit castle ruins, open-air museums, and other fascinating sites. The villages also provide the chance to learn about traditional life, culture, and heritage that dates back centuries. The time of year for the trip is another consideration. Spring and fall provide the chance to see an amazing array of colors in the local landscapes. In winter, many locations host traditional Christmas markets.

The culture and heritage of the region were adopted from Finland. The scenic countryside is filled with quaint cottages, manor estates, and castles. Tallinn Old Town is highly recommended for people desiring to step back in time. The 13th-century fortified community boasts the Toompea Castle, the historic Toomkirik church and Raekoja Plats town hall square. The streets are cobblestoned. Also, alleyways are illuminated by torches at night.

The capital city of Riga stands in sharp contrast to the countryside, which features historic family farms and lush forests. Latvia is a wonderful location to experience the culture of the people. On June 23 and 24, the people state-wide celebrate the summer solstice. Homes are decorated with the season’s wildflowers and other vegetation. Open-air festivities include music, dancing, and traditional food. Customs include leaping over bonfires to rid lives of cumbersome burdens. Couples taking the leap are thought to ensure the longevity of their relationship.

The Lithuanian capital city of Vilnius is a must-see for anyone who loves architecture and history. The old part of the city features ancient fortifications and towers along with medieval courtyards. The buildings feature Baroque, Classical, Gothic and Renaissance influences. Art lovers make a point of venturing to the community of Telsiai where sculptures decorate the entire town. Siauliai is the ideal location for individuals who enjoy touring museums. The facilities commemorate a wide range of unusual topics.