When you love traveling, you probably want to do it all of the time. Unfortunately, that’s usually just not possible. We have lives to live, jobs to go to, and responsibilities to keep up with. When we can’t travel, we often try and find alternatives that can put us in a travel mindset. That might be by looking at photos of destinations online, eating food from a particular country, or a personal favorite of mine, listening to travel podcasts. There are many travel podcasts readily available that talk about different travel destinations around the globe, share tips for your next trip, or discuss funny stories from the host’s own travel experiences. Here are a few great travel podcasts to check out if you’re looking to scratch your travel itch.

Not Lost With Brendon Francis Newnam

After his long-term relationship and popular culture podcast ended, journalist and blogger, Brendan, decided that he had the time to pursue his dream of creating a travel podcast. He started by going to places he had never been before and learning about them through dinner at a stranger’s house. He then traveled to different places and met up with a friend who would accompany him on his trips. They would often dance and drink at the destination they were visiting, and they would also learn about themselves as much as they were there. In Not Lost, he aims to provide a humorous and insightful look at people who are trying to make sense of their world.

Armchair Explorer

The Armchair Explorer is a weekly podcast that features stories from some of the most inspirational individuals who have traveled the world. Each episode is hosted by Aaron Millar, a travel writer who has won multiple awards for his work. His guests’ stories are often action-packed and inspiring, with Aaron having a mystifying way of drawing out the best of each guest host.

Zero to Travel

Over the course of his 15 years of experience, Jason Moore has traveled the world. He hosts a weekly podcast that features stories from some of the most inspirational individuals who have traveled the world. He also interviews other explorers about their epic journeys, such as walking across America. Other topics covered in the show include safety tips, budgeting, and finding work while traveling.

JUMP With Traveling Jackie

Jackie previously hosted the Budget-Minded Traveler podcast. She has since changed her show name to JUMP with Traveling Jackie, which is focused on off-the-beaten-track travel. The show features insider tips and advice from Jackie herself, as well as some of the most hidden treasures of travel around the globe. Each week, Jackie also hosts a live chat with her online community to answer questions about her travels.