If you’re like me, you probably love getting out and traveling the world. Due to modern advancements, traveling has become easier than ever, even for someone who is totally new to it. There are countless apps available with a few simple clicks of your phone, and each one can help make travel safer, easier, and more accessible. Want to know which apps are the most worth your time? Look no further. Here are some of the best travel apps worth downloading in 2022.


Of all of the apps for finding flights available, I prefer using Skyscanner, as it allows me to find cheap flights across over 1,200 sources. The app searches for the best routes and gives me the most accurate results, whether it’s the easiest or the cheapest option. It also has a chart feature that shows you the cheapest days and weeks to fly to your desired destination and it can even send notifications if there are price changes!


Travel expense tracking app TrailWallet is one of the best apps available if you’re worried about how much money you’re spending on your travels. It eliminates the headache of keeping track of all of your expenses, and it even allows you to set a daily budget. With just a few simple taps, you can easily add and track expenses. You can also pull out a receipt or bill, and it will automatically add the amount to your account.


LoungeBuddy eliminates the frustration of searching for and finding the best available lounges in any given airport. After inputting some details, namely your credit cards, lounge memberships, and airline status, the app will notify you which lounges you can access at any airport. Even if you don’t have a day pass or membership, the app will still let you know about the free or discounted lounges that are available.


One of the easiest ways to find last-minute accommodations is through HotelTonight, which allows you to reserve a room without having to go through the laborious process of searching through hundreds of hotels. It’s also very user-friendly, and it has 24-hour customer support. I’m usually able to find a last-minute room in just a couple of minutes, and this app is the reason why.