The past couple of decades have seen an increased emphasis and advocacy for women empowerment. Empowering women in our society, socially and economically, has been deemed as one of the ways of helping bring a substantial change in our society. Despite the increased advocacy through various governmental and non-governmental organizations, the movement on women empowerment is yet to achieve substantial results. You can contribute to empowering women in your community by focusing on the following key areas.


Creating awareness

Most people in society today do not appreciate the importance and need to focus on women’s empowerment. The substantial level of ignorance in our society should be cause for worry, especially if we are to achieve any significant milestones. Creating awareness happens to be one of the best ways of empowering women in your community. You may start by speaking to members within your community to increasingly allow girls and women in general or to access education, health care services, and a host of other social and economic opportunities.


Providing mentorship

Mentoring women and girls is an excellent way of creating potential in them and helping them to achieve their goals. Providing such mentorship enables women to overcome some of the common adverse challenges that have continually put women on the receiving end as far as equality and fairness are concerned. Mentorship helps girls to believe in themselves while also increasing the chances of creating boldness towards the self-realization of their potential.


Provision of opportunities

In addition to creating awareness and providing mentorship to the women in our society, it is viable and valuable to empower women and girls in the society by creating special opportunities for them. Most women normally fail to actualize their dream due to the lack of such opportunities. This problem can be solved by enacting appropriate legislation, which encourages organizations and institutions, both in the public and private sectors, to create special opportunities for women.


Such special opportunities increase the position that women have in society. It also boosts their morale to ensure that they can exhibit the best of their potential. At a local level in your community, you can contribute in that regard by providing local women with a special fund, opportunities to lead, and avenues for conducting business.