TED talks are defined as Technology, Entertainment, Design. The first TED conference was held in 1984 and began being hosted annually in 1990. Nowadays, it’s a video created from a presentation. They are normally held for 18 minutes on the higher side and can range from any topic as long as it’s interesting, backed by facts, and relatable by the larger audience.

These talks are normally given by a variety of speakers, and the topics are mostly held around new ideas, concepts, trends, or social activities. 2021 TED talks have been based around entrepreneurship, and this was facilitated by the 2020 pandemic. You can find these recorded talks on YouTube. Below are the top 2021 talks for you:

The reason why startups succeed
This talk was given by Bill Gross and was meant to encourage people who came up with startups during the pandemic. Being an investor and entrepreneur and from his years of experience, he came up with answers that are factors that contribute a lot to your company’s success.

Power of Passion and Perseverance
This talk was given by Angela Duckworth. She is a psychologist and came to the conclusion that grit is the most contributing factor to your success. She gives her theory on grit and explains to you how it can be the single most determinant to your success.

Making something viral
Here, Seth Goding, a marketing guru, gives you advice on how to make something go viral. Being in the technological era where the most recognized thing is the one that everyone’s talking about, this talk was ideal for an entrepreneur that wants his/ her product/service going viral and making traction.

This talk was given as a description of motivation being a puzzle. It was given by Daniel Pink. What most entrepreneurs need now is motivation to push on with their company. Daniel breaks down the factors behind motivation and concludes that the main factor is when you do things for your own sake. That is the ultimate factor.

Being in an era where most people are starting their businesses, these four talks are ideal for entrepreneurs. They will give them more than enough knowledge on how to go about what they are doing and ultimately rooting for their success.