alexandra arrivillagaWhile it may seem as though we have discussed travel tips quite a bit here, I still want to share one of my favorite videos about how to pack carry on items in a way that is smart and effective. These hacks ensure that you won’t have to pay that extra baggage fee for checked luggage, and instead you’ll be able to save a little bit of cash and hit the ground running! Watch the video and remember the following tips!

1. Make sure that you select a sturdy bag that meets the size requirements – usually a total of 45 inches (double check with your airline and airline standards for the dimensions before you choose your bag o

2. Make a list of what you need to pack

3. Use the outside pockets for easy access items like books, sunglasses, snacks, electronics and more.

4. Think ounces – wear your heaviest items on the flight (ie shoes and jeans).

5. Bring Clothes that are great for mixing and matching. This allows for the greatest number of outfit possibilities.

6. Try to avoid bringing a heavy coat, but if you must, wear it on the flight and fill up those pockets with socks, underwear, anything you can think of!

7. Bring an extra tote bag – you will be shocked by how handy this will be during your trip, and especially on the return trip!

8. Roll up clothes that won’t wrinkle, and use them to pad other items in your luggage.