Covid has had an impact on every single industry, especially traveling. With many countries closing their borders and putting in place stricter tourist regulations, we have to adapt the way we travel to stay as safe as possible. Let’s take a look at some traveling trends we can expect for 2021.


We are moving towards increased vaccinations for the population, and many people will start to book their trips midway through the year. People will be anticipating traveling after receiving their vaccination, and we will see an influx of trips after the first couple of rounds are released. 

Road Trips

Even though vaccinations are starting to hit the general public, many people are still wary of taking flights and being in airports. Domestic trips will become increasingly popular this year, especially with many countries continuing to keep their borders closed. Many people are finding themselves more drawn to naturesque scenes, such as mountains and other landscapes. Driving is a perfect way to keep you and your loved ones safe and socially distanced while also visiting new places. 

Traveling With Purpose

The pandemic has caused a lot of people to take moments of self-reflection and think about what is important to them. Many are starting to value trips that inspire purpose and meaning, and can teach them life lessons along with adventure. We will see an increase in trips to the Arctic, Asian islands, and smaller places in the Mediterranean. 


After a year of modifying reservations and operations, leisure resorts in beach and mountain locations begin their recovery. These types of accommodations will be very popular in 2021 as large resorts and hotels are still feeling the effects of distancing regulations. Shared accommodations such as Airbnb are also trending as the market strengthens.

Vaccine Passports

Even though countries will slowly start to open their borders, they will likely require people to show proof of vaccination before entering the country. This is a controversial topic amongst many people, especially Americans. According to research conducted by MMGY Global, 50% of American travelers say they will get the vaccine as soon as possible, 40% will wait to see if it’s effective, and 9% say they won’t get the vaccine.